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This closed market meant that wage increases were passed on directly to the consumer, which still occurred in many companies until a few years ago.

There is a face on the ambiguous side of Brazilian society that justifies many actions and attitudes of consumers in the face of complaints with companies. According to DaMatta 1997, p. 127) “societies where there are regulations that punish and everything organizes according to the laws, but it is also permeated by acts of personal loyalty that are always willing to forget and forgive everything, making room for a new ordination”. So we can consider that Brazilian culture has this ambiguous side, that is, at the same time that we are seen as the country of carnival, we are also, simultaneously, elected as the country associated with the credibility of civic celebrations, norms, conduct and laws.

This ambiguous characteristic makes society elect national figures that represent the stereotype, for example, of the female image, such as: Dona Flor, Gabriela, Capitu or Iracema, making these characters as links between men, but it also drives everything against the law and order, a reflection of the Brazilian people who conceive of radical change and transformation when transgressing and sinning (DAMATTA, 1997, p. 130).

In addition to these events, we have characteristics of Brazilian culture related to social aspects reflected until today by the submission of consumers in the face of discontent with companies. Human life in society has a decisive effect as the submission process decreases and citizenship grows. The symbiosis between the national society and the organizational society implies a relationship between two systems of logic. First of all, we take paternalism, associated with the abuse of power due to a generation suffered by political repression, causing consumers to assume the behavior of filial obedience never confronting companies and products.

Another aspect is the aversion to conflict due to the behavior of following prescribed standards, whether by implicit rules or social standards. Even if the rules satisfy an emotional need of people in conflict situations, they tend to be bad negotiators with the company (HOFSTEDE, 1983: 31). We have a reflection of low self-esteem, characterized by the misuse of financial and public resources, such as: corruption, neglect, impunity, among others. Society was crushed by the oppression regime, preventing the emergence of collective protest actions regarding the use of its strength to point out errors in the quality of products. Also driven by the difficulty of planning – the result of difficult times in the Brazilian economy -, the Brazilian created habits of momentary buying due to high price fluctuations on the shelves, and due to this effort, he leveraged the use of creativity to maintain survival.

Giambiagi, and Moreira (1999) mentions that, in addition to economic events, there was privatization, which also contributed to strengthening the capital market in the country, by increasing the supply of securities and democratizing the ownership of companies’ capital. Almost instantly, with the gradual – but accelerated – elimination of import tariffs, companies realized that the strategies, hitherto adopted to improve productivity and reduce costs, were running out, and the symptom was clear – loss of competitiveness . Even in the early 90s, with the privatization process, it was the incentive that was lacking for the restructuring of the so-called national companies, following global trends.

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5.5. If any provision of this Privacy Policy is considered illegal or illegitimate by the authority of the location in which the USER resides or of his internet connection, the other conditions will remain in full force and effect.

In any legal action, Brazilian law and the jurisdiction of the city of São Paulo apply, except where specifically provided for by the Applicable Law (such as the USER’s domicile).

6.1. This Privacy Policy will be interpreted in accordance with Brazilian law, in the Portuguese language, being elected the forum of the city of São Paulo to settle any litigation or controversy involving this document, unless specific proviso of personal, territorial or functional competence by the Applicable Law.

The following are specific conditions applicable to certain companies / products / services of the UOL Group, identified in each section. If the USER contracts with any of the companies or uses one or more of the products / services described below, the following conditions will apply in addition to that established in the Privacy Policy.

7.1.1. If the USER uses the online platform for providing investment and financing services offered by UOL Group companies (“Investment and Financing Platform”), the following complementary conditions will apply.

7.1.2. When using the Investment and Financing Platform, the USER may be asked to provide additional documents and information, including for the purposes of credit analysis, as well as to perform know-your-client procedures and prevent money laundering. . The information obtained by the UOL Group will be treated as confidential information, under the terms of Complementary Law No. 105 of January 10, 2001, which provides for the confidentiality of the operations of financial institutions.

7.1.3. In the event that the UOL Group suspects that false information has been made available by the USER, third parties may be called upon in order to ascertain the possibility of fraud; they will have access to the information made available with the sole purpose of verifying the occurrence or not of the possible fraud.

7.1.4. The UOL Group may transfer data obtained to other market agents, such as financial institutions, which will be necessary, solely and exclusively, to carry out activities related to the Investment and Financing Platform.

7.1.5. In addition to the purposes described in the Privacy Policy, UOL Group or third party service providers are authorized to use the information provided by USERS for the following purposes:

(vi) make the Investment and Financing Platform access page available to its users and identify the services of their interest;

7.1.6. The UOL Group has physical, electronic and procedural protection resources for the Investment and Financing Platform, which meet national and international legal standards for the protection of personal information, such as access authentication mechanisms with double authentication systems, ensuring individualization of the person responsible for processing the records, detailed inventory of access to the Investment and Financing Platform and use of records management solutions by techniques that guarantee the inviolability of the data.

7.2.1. If the USER uses the “PagBank” payment management service, the following complementary conditions will apply.

7.2.2. If the USER authorizes, UOL Group may access the information present in the USER’s email boxes for managing bank slips.

(i) will only occur with the prior and express authorization of the USER, which can be granted and revoked at any time using tools available in the USER’s email;

(iii) will be restricted only to e-mails related to bank slips, for the functioning of the functionality offered by the UOL Group that allows the USER to manage their accounts payable, as well as facilitate their payment using the services / products of the UOL Group; and

(iv) it depends on the USER’s email provider to have functionality that allows the authorized access of UOL Group. At no time will the UOL Group ask the USER to provide its access credentials from its email.

7.2.4. The use of information received by the Gmail APIs by the UOL Group is in compliance with Google’s Limited Use Requirements ( UOL Group will only use access to read Gmail message bodies (including attachments), metadata, headers and settings to allow the user to manage consumer accounts and will not transfer this data from Gmail to third parties, unless that it is necessary to provide and improve these resources, comply with applicable law or be part of a merger, acquisition or ve

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Therefore, there is a concern to make the customer repeat the purchase at the same company more times, which characterizes sustainable consumption. Therefore, it is necessary that the customer is satisfied with the service.

Frederick Reichheld (2001), known as the loyalty specialist, believes that the only way for a company to develop a loyal customer base is to build relationships based on solid commitments with the employees responsible for serving these customers. This is what the companies he calls “loyalty leaders” do.

According to Elkington (2001. p.78), for “a company to be sustainable, it needs to calculate whether its operations are economically sustainable”. To achieve these goals, it is necessary for the organization to be effective in the relationships, that is, to be concerned with the future of the relationship with the client, that is, to do it right the first time, but also to do it very much the second time. and so repeatedly, maintaining loyalty through perceived quality over time. For many, it may seem quite simple to execute this combination, but on a daily basis, most companies are faced with the difficulty of keeping the customer loyal to the brand for not delivering on what was promised.

Stew Leonards, a hypermarket located in the United States, considered the most valuable square meter in retail worldwide, understands this commitment to the customer and created two rules: rule no. 1: The customer is always right; rule no. 2: If the customer is wrong, reread rule no. 1.

Through this philosophy of organizational culture, we must choose the priorities in our service, as the service is a chain of events and the customer always evaluates for the worst link in the chain. He doesn’t want to know if the company is made up of partners, franchisees, departments, but he sees an organization as an integrated whole, and if something is not in favor of solving his problem, he abandons brand loyalty.

Unfortunately, situations of low quality in service are still part of our daily lives, where we go through repeated times of failure in customer service. Imagine you, the reader, being the customer in this store that we quote below:

“I bought some products at Company X, which carried a tag with the value of R $ 12.99 in its packaging. When passing the cash register, the machine registered the value of R $ 19.99. However, I only noticed it when I got to my home. I went back to the store to complain and was informed by the manager that the amount would not be returned, as this practice was not part of the company’s policy, but I could earn the bonus amount to exchange for other goods. I did not agree with this situation and made it clear that I was deeply disappointed with the solution that the store had proposed. I don’t think it’s fair that I don’t get my money back, since the mistake was made by the company ”(Jornal da Tarde, April 29, 2009).

We suggest that you ask another question to find out: What does the customer not expect from your company? Remember that the customer will only sell from a company what the company surprises him!

Think of your companies. Every time a customer contacts her, you have a chance to create something valuable.

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To try to overcome this problem, the Government approved a package of measures that include credit lines to support the treasury of companies in the amount of 200 million euros, also at the tax level, the deadline for making the special payment on account (PEC) was postponed. ) until 06/30/2020, as well as postponement of the deadline for submitting the income tax return model 22 of IRC until 07/31/2020.

In terms of human resources, several incentives were created, among which the “simplified layoff” stands out – Extraordinary support for the maintenance of employment contracts in a company in a situation of business crisis, provided for in Ordinance No. 71-A / 2020, of 15 March, as well as the measures provided for in Decree-Law no. 10-A / 2020.

Ultimately, if state support is not enough and companies are unable to meet all expenditures during this crisis, they may have to resort to more drastic measures, including the Special Revitalization Plan (PER) or, even, insolvency. (Answer given by Telmo Guerreiro Semião and Catarina Enes de Oliveira, from CRS Advogados)

While the current exceptional regime is in force, aimed at combating the epidemiological situation of the new Coronavirus – COVID 19, the provision of teleworking no longer presupposes the prior agreement between employer and worker – and can be determined unilaterally by the company or required by the worker. From what was said in the question, it is not clear that the worker has come to submit an application to his employer in that same sense – so, if he has not done so, he must do so.

In view of such request from the worker, the employer may: (i) grant the request and the worker enters the teleworking regime or (ii) Reject the request: considering that the functions performed are not compatible with teleworking or that, immediately , computer systems are not available and adapted for this purpose.

In the situation of rejection of the telework request, the worker must continue to perform his duties in his usual place of work, but must demand that his employer adopt immediately all the preventive measures necessary for the spread of the epidemic, as it is a duty the employer to ensure the safety and health of its workers. (Answer given by Simão de Sant’Ana, principal lawyer at Abreu Advogados)

He states that he did not enter into a service provision contract with the entity in favor of those who issue their green receipts. However, first of all, it should be clarified that the existence of a service provision contract does not require written form, so it is possible that the underlying relationship is, effectively, a service provision. In this case, you can terminate your service contract. However, since it is a service provision, he will not be entitled to compensation and / or the right to other values ​​/ rights that are due to workers when the contract is terminated.

Without prejudice to the above, it should be noted that the existence of an employment contract also does not, in most cases, require the conclusion of a written employment contract, its existence, or not, will depend on the way its functions are effectively exercised. If you suspect the existence of an employment relationship, you should contact a lawyer with a view to analyzing your case and interceding with your company in order to recognize your employment relationship and, if necessary, resort to court. If it is confirmed that you are a company employee, the situation that you describe to us may constitute a situation of discrimination at work.

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However, it is anticipated the preparation of draft amendments to the law, to be submitted by several parties, in order to allow micro-companies, constituted only by their managing partner, without any employee, to also access the lay regime. simplified off, thus allowing State aid to pay the manager’s salary, without the need for credit.

(Answer given by Rita Frade Pina, senior associate, and Sérgio Mesquita Dinis, associate, from Laboral da PRA)

Thanking you for your question, we inform you that under the exceptional, transient and temporary measures adopted by the Government, the financial support granted under the simplified Lay-Off regime does not cover the managing partners. As for managers, companies can only benefit from the temporary exemption from the payment of the respective Social Security contributions as long as the employer benefits from the measures provided for in Decree-Law no. 10-G / 2020, of 26.03.2020 and during its validity.

This means that it is necessary to have employees for the measures to be applicable and, thus, companies can benefit from the contributory exemption provided for in relation to their MOEs.

In the situation where the company of which it is an EOM does not have any associated employee, it will not be possible to apply the measures and, consequently, it will not be possible to benefit from the contributory exemption.

However, it is anticipated the preparation of draft amendments to the law, to be submitted by several parties, in order to allow micro-companies, constituted only by their managing partner, without any employee, to also access the lay regime. simplified off, thus allowing State aid to pay the manager’s salary, without the need for credit.

(Answer given by Rita Frade Pina, senior associate, and Sérgio Mesquita Dinis, associate, from Laboral da PRA)

Thanking you for your question, and assuming you are at home due to the suspension of your employment contract, under the simplified lay-off regime, you will be entitled to receive the amount corresponding to 2/3 of your normal gross remuneration, with the maximum limit of € 1,905 and minimum limit of € 635.

It should be noted that the said amount remains subject to withholding tax under the terms of the IRS tables in force, as well as the 11% social security contribution.

For the purposes of the gross normal remuneration, the basic remuneration, seniority and other regular and periodic installments inherent to the performance of work, which appear on the payroll, must be taken into account.

With regard to the specific case of the food allowance, it should not be considered, except in situations where it is considered retribution for legal purposes.

However, it is anticipated the preparation of draft amendments to the law, to be submitted by several parties, in order to allow micro-companies, constituted only by their managing partner, without any employee, to also access the lay regime. simplified off, thus allowing State aid to pay the manager’s salary, without the need for credit.

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Pursuant to Order No. 3301-A / 2020, of 15 March, the suspension of any and all dental medicine, stomatology and dentistry activities was decreed, with the exception of situations that prove to be urgent and urgent. Such suspension, which started on 03/16/2020 provided for its applicability for a period of two weeks, after which it will be subject to reassessment. Therefore, we suggest that you wait for the reassessment of the measure and the effects arising from it.

There is no support for situations in which children, instead of being at school, stay at their grandparents’ houses. Financial support for the family and the exceptional and temporary regime of justified absences, motivated by assistance to the family, established in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, presuppose that grandparents work, which, in the specific case, we are unaware of.

In the situation of being workers, the regime foresees that absences motivated by assistance to a grandson who lives with the worker in communion of table and housing and who is the son of a teenager under the age of 16 are considered as justified.

Family support does not include the period of school holidays, being granted between 16 and 27 March and in the case of children using social facilities to support early childhood or disability, support is granted until 9 April.

Since the exceptional support to the family does not apply during school holidays, since the child is less than 12 years old, he / she can choose to stay at home and the absences, during that period, are considered justified with loss of remuneration or can booking holidays, without the need to agree with the employer, by giving written notice two days in advance of the start of the holiday period.

During the holiday period, the period corresponding to that which you would receive if you were in effective service is due, and the holiday allowance may be paid in full up to the fourth month following the beginning of the holiday period.

If, eventually, the suspension of teaching activities extends beyond the school holiday period, new measures are likely to be taken for the third school period.

We remind you that, in the case of children with a chronic illness, parents can apply for a childcare allowance, they are entitled to a reduction of up to five hours from the normal weekly working period, work part-time or with flexible hours.

We recall that absences for childcare are justified, with loss of remuneration. It must be communicated to the employer, accompanied by an indication of the justification reason, at least five days in advance. If the advance cannot be respected, namely because the absence is unpredictable five days in advance, communication to the employer is made as soon as possible.

The purpose of exceptional support for family support is to protect those situations in which neither parent is at home to care for children under 12 or with disabilities or chronic illness.

Thus, if one parent is telecommuting, it is not possible to request this exceptional support, so much so that, according to the form available on the Social Security website, the worker who requests this exceptional support must declare that the other parent is unable to provide assistance to the identified dependent.

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905.00). In this case, the 2/3 of € 800.00 is less than the € 635.00 established in the RMMG, so the retributive compensation is adjusted to the value of € 635.00.

B. During the period of support, the company will have to pay the full compensation to the worker, in the amount of € 635.00, but only 30% will be in charge – in this case, € 190.50;

ç. The remaining 70% will be borne by the SS – in this case, € 444.50 – which it will transfer to the employer (IBAN to be included by the employer in Social Security Direct for the purpose).

NOTE: if the Lay-Off modality is a reduction, then the salary receipt must process the salary normally (subject to tax and contributory discounts) in proportion to the normal weekly working hours worked. Only the difference between the salary paid and the amount of the compensation (in this case € 635.00) will be subject to the support paid by the employer and supported by you at 30% and 70% in charge of SS.

2) The diploma does not expressly mention whether the request is automatic or if a response from Social Security (SS) is required. Thus, and if there are arguments in favor of an automatic granting of the measure after the application is filed by the employer, as well as arguments against automatic granting, making the granting of support dependent on a preliminary assessment of the SS, we suggest that they contact the SS of the your area of ​​residence to confirm whether to wait for a response from the SS to the application submitted for the purpose of processing the support on the pay slip.

3) The financial support granted under the simplified Lay-Off regime does not cover managing partners. As for managers, companies can only benefit from the temporary exemption from payment of the respective Social Security contributions as long as the employer benefits from the measures provided for in Decree-Law no. 10-G / 2020, of 26.03.2020 and during its validity. However, it is anticipated the preparation of draft amendments to the law, to be submitted by several parties, in order to allow micro-companies, constituted only by their managing partner, without any employee, to also access the lay regime. simplified off, thus allowing State aid to pay the manager’s salary, without the need for credit.

(Answer given by Rita Frade Pina, senior associate, and Sérgio Mesquita Dinis, associate, from Laboral da PRA)

Thanking you for your question, we will answer each one of them, according to the numbering we entered, for ease of reference.

2.1 – Without prejudice to the existence of entities that believe that the members of Organs statutory bodies (MOEs) are covered by this measure, except in the best opinion, we understand that this measure only targets employees and does not cover MOEs. In effect, the exceptional monthly or proportional support, corresponding to 2/3 of the basic remuneration, paid in equal parts by the employer and social security, with the minimum and maximum limits provided for by law, in accordance with article 23 of Dec -Law no. 10-A / 2020, of 13.03.2020, is applicable only to employees, considering that their assignment is related to the justification of the absences of workers who have to leave their place of work to accompany children or other dependents under 12 years of age or, regardless of age, with a disability or chronic illness due to the suspension of teaching and non-teaching activities in educational establishments.

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In our opinion, and in view of the truly exceptional situation that we live in, in certain types of contracts and in specific circumstances, the lessee will be able to resort to the change of circumstances institute, provided that the requirements required by law are met, in order to change the contract entered into with respect to the rent payment obligation, which will necessarily involve the application of an equity judgment.

(Answer given by the JPAB Civil and Real Estate team – José Pedro Aguiar-Branco Advogados)

Yes, this worker can be placed on lay-off. It is important to remember that the support given to parents to accompany their children, as a result of the suspension of classroom activities, was only granted until the beginning of school holidays.

Assuming that the time reduction is compatible with the foundation that you will use to implement the lay-off, this solution is possible. In this case, the hours of work are paid in full by the Company (without any contribution) and a compensatory compensation would be attributed until completing 2/3 of the worker’s salary, which will be reimbursed by 70% by social security.

Assuming that the entity has benefited from the support, an incentive of Eur. 635 per worker will be attributed.

The simplified lay-off is for workers only. Notwithstanding, the diploma provides that among various supports, the exemption of social security contributions from managers.

There are two types of financial support for self-employed workers who are unable to provide services. In the specific case, the payment of an extraordinary monthly support, extendable up to six months, corresponding to the remuneration recorded as a contributory basis, is established, with a maximum limit of 438.81 euros (1 Social Support Index – IAS), paid from the month following the filing of the application.

During the term of Decree-Law Decree-Law No. 10-A / 2020 of March 13, the regime of subordinate teleworking may be determined unilaterally by the employer or required by the worker, without the need for agreement by the parties, provided that compatible with the functions performed. However, in the specific case, the professional functions in question will require the exercise of them in the workplace (hospital). This rule applies to Health Professionals, security and rescue services and forces, including volunteer firefighters, from the Armed Forces, and professionals of management and maintenance of essential infrastructures (definition given by Ordinance No. 82/2020 March 29).

The simplified layoff regime is applied to companies, so if the temporary work company that has its own workers (regardless of being temporarily placed in other companies) falls within the scope of the measures that justify the use of this extraordinary regime, also the they the same is equally applicable to them.

The law provides for the possibility of suspension of the internship due to the temporary closure of the entity where the internship is carried out, at most for a period of one month. The entity must request the suspension from the IEFP, which has a period of 8 working days to decide. If the internship contract is suspended, the scholarship is not awarded during that period. The internship contract cannot be canceled on the basis of Covid-19.

If the Order referred to comes from an entity with legitimate competence for that purpose, the temporary closure of the establishment will imply the payment to the worker of 75% of the basic remuneration, paid by the employer.

If the Order referred to comes from an entity with legitimate competence for that purpose, the temporary closure of the establishment will imply the payment to the worker of 75% of the basic remuneration, paid by the employer.