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During the week we take care of our business and at the end of the week we go to church. So happy !! Thank God

AAAHH and I already dated a Brazilian that I hooked up for 4 years and then I dealt with garbage and I still cheated ..kkk

Affs .. of a thousand stories I saw here, at least one is well and happy .. congratulations, I felt even more excited… kkk

I also dated well with a Brazilian who wanted me to pay him everything … I married Indian and to Feliz. So you have to get to know the Indian and the family well so that you can later judge! If it’s just on the net, it’s kind of boring.

I met an Indian who added me on the face. He became a stick and I had to say that I would block him, that I didn’t like him, that he left me alone. I accepted to be his virtual friend for education, because I am committed.

I fell in love with an Indian and he says that he is also in love with me, in fact he always speaks and begs for my love, he uses a false name on Facebook, I know why I find out myself, he n always put his photos on Facebook put pictures of animals and Indian actors, I lost a photo of him and he sent a different one and he told me that the one on his Facebook is an actor, and one day I passing an image on friends on Facebook see the same photo he sent me and I found out that he is married, I was very sad and I ended everything with him, but he begged me, saying that he loves me, that he loves his wife, that he will leave her and come to Brazil to marry him, and I ended up accepting , he said q comes at the beginning of 2017, what do I do? Do you think he’s telling the truth? I also found out that he is rich and he never told me… do you think he will really leave his wife? I don’t know what to do… thank you bjs

Friend, you said yourself that the guy lied, why keep making mistakes, just to live a fantasy?

Married men who lie like that will never leave their wife, accept that this is the reality. Do not be deceived. If you want, look for someone free and unimpeded, who is close to you and who is really interested in you, unless you want to subject yourself and be the other person forever. There are many rich Indian men who support a lover, this is normal in their culture, so think carefully about what you think is best for your life. They will always speak beautiful words and promise worlds and backgrounds but it is just empty promise. There you have to decide if you want to live this hidden relationship – because you can never be with him – or break free and try to find a person who doesn’t hide you.

Oii, my name is Jackelinny and I have been dating an Indian for 4 months, he is 20 years old, he says he is virgen and etc… He said he comes to Brazil to meet me and said he wants to marry me ,,, I’m afraid of not be true, rle and affectionate, romantic i etc….

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905.00). In this case, the 2/3 of € 800.00 is less than the € 635.00 established in the RMMG, so the retributive compensation is adjusted to the value of € 635.00.

B. During the period of support, the company will have to pay the full compensation to the worker, in the amount of € 635.00, but only 30% will be in charge – in this case, € 190.50;

ç. The remaining 70% will be borne by the SS – in this case, € 444.50 – which it will transfer to the employer (IBAN to be included by the employer in Social Security Direct for the purpose).

NOTE: if the Lay-Off modality is a reduction, then the salary receipt must process the salary normally (subject to tax and contributory discounts) in proportion to the normal weekly working hours worked. Only the difference between the salary paid and the amount of the compensation (in this case € 635.00) will be subject to the support paid by the employer and supported by you at 30% and 70% in charge of SS.

2) The diploma does not expressly mention whether the request is automatic or if a response from Social Security (SS) is required. Thus, and if there are arguments in favor of an automatic granting of the measure after the application is filed by the employer, as well as arguments against automatic granting, making the granting of support dependent on a preliminary assessment of the SS, we suggest that they contact the SS of the your area of ​​residence to confirm whether to wait for a response from the SS to the application submitted for the purpose of processing the support on the pay slip.

3) The financial support granted under the simplified Lay-Off regime does not cover managing partners. As for managers, companies can only benefit from the temporary exemption from payment of the respective Social Security contributions as long as the employer benefits from the measures provided for in Decree-Law no. 10-G / 2020, of 26.03.2020 and during its validity. However, it is anticipated the preparation of draft amendments to the law, to be submitted by several parties, in order to allow micro-companies, constituted only by their managing partner, without any employee, to also access the lay regime. simplified off, thus allowing State aid to pay the manager’s salary, without the need for credit.

(Answer given by Rita Frade Pina, senior associate, and Sérgio Mesquita Dinis, associate, from Laboral da PRA)

Thanking you for your question, we will answer each one of them, according to the numbering we entered, for ease of reference.

2.1 – Without prejudice to the existence of entities that believe that the members of Organs statutory bodies (MOEs) are covered by this measure, except in the best opinion, we understand that this measure only targets employees and does not cover MOEs. In effect, the exceptional monthly or proportional support, corresponding to 2/3 of the basic remuneration, paid in equal parts by the employer and social security, with the minimum and maximum limits provided for by law, in accordance with article 23 of Dec -Law no. 10-A / 2020, of 13.03.2020, is applicable only to employees, considering that their assignment is related to the justification of the absences of workers who have to leave their place of work to accompany children or other dependents under 12 years of age or, regardless of age, with a disability or chronic illness due to the suspension of teaching and non-teaching activities in educational establishments.

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In our opinion, and in view of the truly exceptional situation that we live in, in certain types of contracts and in specific circumstances, the lessee will be able to resort to the change of circumstances institute, provided that the requirements required by law are met, in order to change the contract entered into with respect to the rent payment obligation, which will necessarily involve the application of an equity judgment.

(Answer given by the JPAB Civil and Real Estate team – José Pedro Aguiar-Branco Advogados)

Yes, this worker can be placed on lay-off. It is important to remember that the support given to parents to accompany their children, as a result of the suspension of classroom activities, was only granted until the beginning of school holidays.

Assuming that the time reduction is compatible with the foundation that you will use to implement the lay-off, this solution is possible. In this case, the hours of work are paid in full by the Company (without any contribution) and a compensatory compensation would be attributed until completing 2/3 of the worker’s salary, which will be reimbursed by 70% by social security.

Assuming that the entity has benefited from the support, an incentive of Eur. 635 per worker will be attributed.

The simplified lay-off is for workers only. Notwithstanding, the diploma provides that among various supports, the exemption of social security contributions from managers.

There are two types of financial support for self-employed workers who are unable to provide services. In the specific case, the payment of an extraordinary monthly support, extendable up to six months, corresponding to the remuneration recorded as a contributory basis, is established, with a maximum limit of 438.81 euros (1 Social Support Index – IAS), paid from the month following the filing of the application.

During the term of Decree-Law Decree-Law No. 10-A / 2020 of March 13, the regime of subordinate teleworking may be determined unilaterally by the employer or required by the worker, without the need for agreement by the parties, provided that compatible with the functions performed. However, in the specific case, the professional functions in question will require the exercise of them in the workplace (hospital). This rule applies to Health Professionals, security and rescue services and forces, including volunteer firefighters, from the Armed Forces, and professionals of management and maintenance of essential infrastructures (definition given by Ordinance No. 82/2020 March 29).

The simplified layoff regime is applied to companies, so if the temporary work company that has its own workers (regardless of being temporarily placed in other companies) falls within the scope of the measures that justify the use of this extraordinary regime, also the they the same is equally applicable to them.

The law provides for the possibility of suspension of the internship due to the temporary closure of the entity where the internship is carried out, at most for a period of one month. The entity must request the suspension from the IEFP, which has a period of 8 working days to decide. If the internship contract is suspended, the scholarship is not awarded during that period. The internship contract cannot be canceled on the basis of Covid-19.

If the Order referred to comes from an entity with legitimate competence for that purpose, the temporary closure of the establishment will imply the payment to the worker of 75% of the basic remuneration, paid by the employer.

If the Order referred to comes from an entity with legitimate competence for that purpose, the temporary closure of the establishment will imply the payment to the worker of 75% of the basic remuneration, paid by the employer.