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Distance dating is an increasingly common and viable form of relationship. Thanks to the available communication technologies and also the evolution of social understandings about love, more people are allowed to live such an experience.

In this situation, some of the challenges present in any dating can be even more complex. It is necessary a constant exercise by both parties and also a greater maturity of those who choose this path. In fact, there are many challenges, which usually keep some people from experiencing this kind of union altogether.

Despite the difficulties inherent in the process, it is possible to live a distance dating in a healthy and profitable way for both. For that, I present this complete guide with fundamental tips for a lasting relationship.

Because it is a new experience for many, it is normal to feel confused or afraid to enter into such a relationship. But do not doubt the potential of love and the different ways of relating. Luck is out, but knowing a little more about the topic can help you a lot to avoid common problems in these cases.

Read the text carefully and I bet you will come out with new knowledge about love and personal evolution.

As we said, the challenges are numerous. First, it is worth considering them before making the choice. Despite all the technology available, distance itself remains an issue. It is uncomfortable not being able to meet the person with the desired regularity. The days of homesickness can be even more difficult

Depending on the locations and routines, access to your romantic partner can be much more difficult, proving to be a real ordeal on those days when we miss someone physically missing us. At the same time, it is an exercise in detachment and maturity. For it to work, it is necessary that both parties are aware of the implications and also willing to go over certain issues so that everything happens in the best possible way.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Without it, even boyfriends who live in the same city will not have a healthy love experience. A relationship that is based on demand and mistrust has everything to go wrong, as it often does.

If you are the type who dies of jealousy or does not accept a partner with a life independent of yours, it may be time to reconsider your own ability to maintain a long-distance relationship, or even any dating.

Saying that you trust the person next to you is quite different from actually trusting. Those who say this, but are always looking for ways to keep an eye on and limit the other, are, in fact, quite hypocritical, as they build a relationship based on curtailing the freedom of their partners and, sometimes, of themselves.

Avoid getting into a game so common in relationships that it is restricting your romantic partner and controlling them, circumscribing the other’s life only to what is convenient for you. Speaking like that, it seems that no one would live a relationship like that, the problem is that these behaviors often occur disguised as love, affection and care.

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