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Therefore, there is a concern to make the customer repeat the purchase at the same company more times, which characterizes sustainable consumption. Therefore, it is necessary that the customer is satisfied with the service.

Frederick Reichheld (2001), known as the loyalty specialist, believes that the only way for a company to develop a loyal customer base is to build relationships based on solid commitments with the employees responsible for serving these customers. This is what the companies he calls “loyalty leaders” do.

According to Elkington (2001. p.78), for “a company to be sustainable, it needs to calculate whether its operations are economically sustainable”. To achieve these goals, it is necessary for the organization to be effective in the relationships, that is, to be concerned with the future of the relationship with the client, that is, to do it right the first time, but also to do it very much the second time. and so repeatedly, maintaining loyalty through perceived quality over time. For many, it may seem quite simple to execute this combination, but on a daily basis, most companies are faced with the difficulty of keeping the customer loyal to the brand for not delivering on what was promised.

Stew Leonards, a hypermarket located in the United States, considered the most valuable square meter in retail worldwide, understands this commitment to the customer and created two rules: rule no. 1: The customer is always right; rule no. 2: If the customer is wrong, reread rule no. 1.

Through this philosophy of organizational culture, we must choose the priorities in our service, as the service is a chain of events and the customer always evaluates for the worst link in the chain. He doesn’t want to know if the company is made up of partners, franchisees, departments, but he sees an organization as an integrated whole, and if something is not in favor of solving his problem, he abandons brand loyalty.

Unfortunately, situations of low quality in service are still part of our daily lives, where we go through repeated times of failure in customer service. Imagine you, the reader, being the customer in this store that we quote below:

“I bought some products at Company X, which carried a tag with the value of R $ 12.99 in its packaging. When passing the cash register, the machine registered the value of R $ 19.99. However, I only noticed it when I got to my home. I went back to the store to complain and was informed by the manager that the amount would not be returned, as this practice was not part of the company’s policy, but I could earn the bonus amount to exchange for other goods. I did not agree with this situation and made it clear that I was deeply disappointed with the solution that the store had proposed. I don’t think it’s fair that I don’t get my money back, since the mistake was made by the company ”(Jornal da Tarde, April 29, 2009).

We suggest that you ask another question to find out: What does the customer not expect from your company? Remember that the customer will only sell from a company what the company surprises him!

Think of your companies. Every time a customer contacts her, you have a chance to create something valuable.

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This closed market meant that wage increases were passed on directly to the consumer, which still occurred in many companies until a few years ago.

There is a face on the ambiguous side of Brazilian society that justifies many actions and attitudes of consumers in the face of complaints with companies. According to DaMatta 1997, p. 127) “societies where there are regulations that punish and everything organizes according to the laws, but it is also permeated by acts of personal loyalty that are always willing to forget and forgive everything, making room for a new ordination”. So we can consider that Brazilian culture has this ambiguous side, that is, at the same time that we are seen as the country of carnival, we are also, simultaneously, elected as the country associated with the credibility of civic celebrations, norms, conduct and laws.

This ambiguous characteristic makes society elect national figures that represent the stereotype, for example, of the female image, such as: Dona Flor, Gabriela, Capitu or Iracema, making these characters as links between men, but it also drives everything against the law and order, a reflection of the Brazilian people who conceive of radical change and transformation when transgressing and sinning (DAMATTA, 1997, p. 130).

In addition to these events, we have characteristics of Brazilian culture related to social aspects reflected until today by the submission of consumers in the face of discontent with companies. Human life in society has a decisive effect as the submission process decreases and citizenship grows. The symbiosis between the national society and the organizational society implies a relationship between two systems of logic. First of all, we take paternalism, associated with the abuse of power due to a generation suffered by political repression, causing consumers to assume the behavior of filial obedience never confronting companies and products.

Another aspect is the aversion to conflict due to the behavior of following prescribed standards, whether by implicit rules or social standards. Even if the rules satisfy an emotional need of people in conflict situations, they tend to be bad negotiators with the company (HOFSTEDE, 1983: 31). We have a reflection of low self-esteem, characterized by the misuse of financial and public resources, such as: corruption, neglect, impunity, among others. Society was crushed by the oppression regime, preventing the emergence of collective protest actions regarding the use of its strength to point out errors in the quality of products. Also driven by the difficulty of planning – the result of difficult times in the Brazilian economy -, the Brazilian created habits of momentary buying due to high price fluctuations on the shelves, and due to this effort, he leveraged the use of creativity to maintain survival.

Giambiagi, and Moreira (1999) mentions that, in addition to economic events, there was privatization, which also contributed to strengthening the capital market in the country, by increasing the supply of securities and democratizing the ownership of companies’ capital. Almost instantly, with the gradual – but accelerated – elimination of import tariffs, companies realized that the strategies, hitherto adopted to improve productivity and reduce costs, were running out, and the symptom was clear – loss of competitiveness . Even in the early 90s, with the privatization process, it was the incentive that was lacking for the restructuring of the so-called national companies, following global trends.

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(Answers attributed by the law firm PRA)

Yes, there are some measures that you can benefit from. As an example, we present two possible scenarios:

Now, if it fits the situation of corporate crime, there will be a package of measures that you can have, the most relevant being the possibility of the contracts being suspended, with workers receiving 2/3 of their basic remuneration (which is assumed in 70 % by Social Security and 30% by the employer). In this case, the employer is exempt from making Social Security contributions (as far as the employer is concerned), and the amount to be earned by each worker cannot be less than € 635.00 or more than € 1,905, 00.

B) If it does not fit the situation of business crisis, you can still benefit from the measure provided for in art. 309, no. 1, al. a) of the Labor Code, related to the closure or temporary reduction of the activity, in which case it may suspend the employment contracts, paying 75% of the basic remuneration.

In any case, with the enactment of a state of emergency, other temporary and exceptional measures may still be implemented. (Answers attributed by the law firm PRA)

The reason for his absence from work seems, in any case, justified. For this purpose, you must present, with a minimum of five days notice, to your employer, the respective justification. You should request that in the face of this circumstantialism – namely the impossibility of another person ensuring the monitoring of your child during this period – the employer will authorize the absence, considering it as justified. Even so, it may result in the loss of remuneration, unless the employer voluntarily decides to assume the same. From the point of view of Social Security, in this case, there is no place for the payment of any subsidy, starting on March 30 (beginning of school holidays). There is only the exception in the case of a private special education institution, in which case the subsidy will remain in effect until April 5th. (Answers attributed by the law firm PRA)

The declaration (mod. GF 88-DGSS) must be submitted to the employer, who will submit it via Direct Social Security. As for the duration of the allowance (excluding the school holiday period), it will, in principle, end on 9 April. Without prejudice, on that date, the Government may decide to extend the subsidy period, which will probably happen if the decision to suspend classroom and non-classroom activities is also extended beyond April 9th. (Answers attributed by the law firm PRA)

Since he works in pre-school education, and since the suspension of classroom teaching and non-teaching activity has been decreed, but not the closure of the school, in our view, the obligation to support workers’ remuneration remains. If, on the initiative of the employer, workers are released from the effective provision of work, even so, the aforementioned duty to pay the remuneration seems to be maintained. It would be different if, for example, the employer had suspended the respective employment contracts, under art.

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At the time, Alpargatas was suffering strong competition in the segment, due to the Ipanema and Grendha sandals from the Grendene industry, and was sent to carry out the repositioning and brand management.

According to Paulo Lalli, director responsible for the Havaianas business unit and who belonged to the project since the beginning, in 1994, sandals were no longer treated by the company as mere commodities – when all the focus was on reducing production costs – and began to receive investments that would give them a positive tangible value on the customer’s perception. Lalli stated: “We have changed the paradigm” (HSM, 2005).

Thus, the new concept based on the strategic waves adopted by Havaianas Sandals appears, which helped to modify the consumer’s profile, attracting him in more fun and joyful ways by the new versions presented, regaining the national and even international popular taste.

It went on to a transcontinental brand, pleasing both celebrities and its target audience. The customized effect arrived through the brand’s stores spread throughout the main cities of the country and also in the kiosks of large shopping centers, making it possible to choose the color of the sole, the color of the strap and even suggests props – botton – making the product even more customized, that is, in view of the unique satisfaction of the client in showing his own model – exclusive.

Another important aspect of the modernization of Brazilian industry, in the period between 1964 to 1984, happened due to the authoritarian political regime that restricted freedom of expression and inhibited civil associations. Portrait of a Brazil with no tradition of civil society participation in voluntary associations, originating from the colonial past, based on the slavery regime of export monoculture, resulting in autocratic communication. The factories of cotton fabrics soon became a major sector of Brazilian industry, such as soft drinks and bottled beer and the production of the bottle itself (DEAN, 1975, p. 256).

Covering the behavior of the national market between 1974 and 1989, it was characterized by internal consumption that alternated between growth and reduction phases – by the drastic reduction in imports and the great increase in exports. The phases alternated due to the indications that caused the institutional and structural difficulties, among them: lack of essential information on the employment of labor, deficiency in inter-industrial relations; low investment in the private sector; dependence on the external sector (exports and capital inflows); the relevance of the agricultural sector; the increase in the cost of living; the fiscal deterioration of the state and excessive regulation of private business activity.

Brazil was facing the external debt crisis, causing a decline in domestic demand in the primary sector. There was a model based on import substitution. The government’s industrialization policy encouraged the substitution of imports from basic industries, thus evidencing a strong focus on the steel sector. The bank’s support favored the development of national technology, administrative reorganization and strengthening the companies’ financial structure. The market supported this situation by paying the price established by the companies, minimizing internal and external competition.

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The provision of work should, however, be done in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities, namely with regard to hygiene and the necessary distance between people.

Decree-Law no. 10-A / 2020, of 13-3, establishes (in its articles 26, 27 and 28) extraordinary financial support for the reduction of the self-employed person’s economic activity.

Granted to self-employed workers who are exclusively covered by the respective regime (and who are not pensioners), subject to the fulfillment of the contributory obligation for at least 3 consecutive months for at least 12 months, this support lasts for one month (and can be extended up to a maximum of six months) and will be paid from the month following the filing of the application.

Its value corresponds to that of the remuneration recorded as a base of contributory incidence, but its maximum limit is the value of the Social Support Index (fixed at € 438.81 for 2020).

And its assignment depends on the self-employed person being in a situation of total stoppage of his activity (or the activity of the respective sector), as a result of the pandemic of COVID-19, which must be confirmed by a declaration of his own, under honor (or the certified accountant in the case of self-employed workers in the organized accounting regime).

Once this financial support is granted, and as long as it is being paid, the self-employed person remains obliged (as the case may be) to the quarterly social security statement. Nevertheless, you will be entitled to defer payment of contributions due in the months in which you are receiving extraordinary financial support (such payment must be made from the second month after the respective termination and within a maximum period of 12 months, in monthly installments and equals).

If the decree of a state of emergency does not determine the closure of your employer, your situation remains as it is: you will remain “low” until the end of the period, after which you are either able to return to work or, not being , you should prolong the “low” until this happens.

Conversely, if, by virtue of the decree of a state of emergency, the company your employer terminates, once the period of “termination” is over, you will remain at home, but receive what your colleagues will also be entitled to – and which will depend on the regime applicable to case. Thus, if the said company is not, at the closing date, in a situation of crisis such that it jeopardizes its own viability and the maintenance of jobs (hypothesis that, if verified, allows it to apply the so-called lay -off), must maintain, throughout the period of suspension of activity, the payment of remuneration to its workers.

However, this obligation does not concern the totality, but only 75% of the amount of the remuneration due, nor does it include non-remunerative benefits (such as meal and transport allowances, when paid to workers). However, if the gravity of the situation in which the company makes it possible to use the lay-off, the respective workers will receive, during the same closing period, two thirds of their remuneration (with this amount as the minimum and maximum limits, respectively, one and three times the minimum wage, set at € 635.00 for 2020).

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The first truth when it comes to dating over 50? So how can you better navigate through all of these changes after you re-enter the game?

Laino recommends sites like eHarmony, Combine. Laino recommends that your friends or family present you with possible combinations, going for walks offered by work, and going to meeting groups like those offered by Meetup. The key here is not to take rejection personally, as it probably has nothing to do with you. Or hey, you remind me of someone. Or hey, I just feel a vibration of friendship from you.

So, they just disappear, and it really comes out as a severe rejection. But there are many people out there who love pineapple. You just need to find a pineapple lover. The same goes for you, too.

Dating in your 50s is very different than before. Make sure you find the perfect partner for you by following these dating rules all single men in their 50s and older should follow. The dating world has changed considerably over the years. Online dating is no longer a taboo, but an excellent way to find your soul mate. Opt for online dating, but do it wisely.

Rules for dating 50, sn continuum 2 episode 6 girl alec is dating, dating apps age differences. But why would the president spend time talking to the sports league.

This article was reprinted with permission from NextAvenue. I was single recently and back in Chicago. I was older and hopefully wiser. And I wanted to meet people, so I started dating on the Internet as a way to meet women. Over the course of several months of online dating, I have found that the number of older women available is vast and diverse, as with men, although perhaps to a lesser extent and with a little effort, a reasonably intelligent, halfway-presentable person can usually generate some interest on dating sites.

Most wanted to put aside e-mails and introductory calls to schedule a meeting as soon as possible. Some intended to find another mate in a short time, while others seemed more interested in experiencing different personalities and lifestyles. Internet dating puts all the options on the table, and an increasing number of websites cater to the more mature Music crowd. Do you like gardening or rebuilding classic cars ??

Do your policy dictate your worldview? What was the last good book you read, or a movie you saw? Possible dates for reading your profile are more likely to respond to details. Men are often accused of focusing solely on the physical, but I soon realized that there are many women who do the same. This explains why several ladies in northern Wisconsin sent inquiries despite my stated intent to remain within metro Chicago for dating.

Do you have questions about your visual health? How should you start? Maybe call that old school flame? Get closer to that co-worker you always thought was kind of cute? Sign up for an online dating site? And when you make an appointment, what should you expect in terms of s-e-x?

What can I expect when I’m dating over 50? See also: Dating after many things have changed in dating rituals, like online dating, but more.

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(Answer given by Luís Gonçalves Lira da PRA)

Until public authorities indicate otherwise, companies can continue to operate normally. Thus, workers cannot refuse to do their job. Those who do so may incur unjustified absences with loss of remuneration. Note that the worker’s concrete situation may be relevant to assess the situation (eg worker belonging to a risk group) differently. (Answer given by Nuno Morgado, from PLMJ)

Concrete measures applicable to this scenario are not yet known. It is assumed that, if this happens, the Government will define the benefits to be attributed to workers. (Answer given by Nuno Morgado, from PLMJ)

No. According to the provisions of Decree-Law no. 10-A / 2020, the exceptional support of assistance to children or dependents under 12 years of age does not apply to the period scheduled for Easter holidays, that is, between 30 March and April 13, 2020. The law also provides for a review of this measure, which should occur until April 9, to assess whether or not it should be extended. (Answer given by the SRS partner of Laboral César Sá Esteves).

It should be noted that, while employees may access exceptional support to the family, which corresponds to the payment of 66% of their basic remuneration, only and only in cases where there are no other forms of activity provision ( such as teleworking). This benefit has a minimum limit of € 635 and a maximum of € 1905, and will be the only support you can receive during this period.

The case of self-employed workers is different, with the possibility of granting two cumulative supports, so that there is no loss of income at all.

Thus, self-employed workers will be able, on the one hand, to access exceptional support to the family, the amount of which should correspond to 1/3 of the monthly contribution base for the first quarter of 2020. This amount has limits, which may vary between 438 , 81 (IAS) and 1097.03 (2.5 IAS).

On the other hand, they may also have access, if they are eligible for this purpose, to extraordinary support for the reduction of economic activity, in the form of financial support, and provided that they have been subject to compliance with the contributory obligation in at least three months, in the last 12 months, and, in a proven situation of complete stoppage of its activity or sector.

Self-employed workers who benefit from this support are also entitled to defer payment of contributions due in the months in which extraordinary financial support is being paid. (Answer given by the SRS partner of Laboral César Sá Esteves).

Exceptional support to families will not be applicable during the Easter school holiday period, with a review of the measure scheduled for April 9, 2020.

During the school vacation period, employers and workers should favor the use of other forms of justified absence, such as vacation time, the granting of exemptions from the duty of attendance (paid or unpaid), or, in cases where that have not yet put it into practice, the use of teleworking.

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10-A / 2020, of March 13, resulting from the fact that some educational establishments have closed. In this regard, it should be noted that during the Easter holidays, regarding the 7-year-old daughter, there is no place for financial support (only for the 3-year-old daughter because she is still in daycare).

From the moment you are in lay-off, the answer will depend on the model in question. Now, if it is a lay-off in which Mr. André has a reduction in the normal period of work but in which he starts to provide his activity in teleworking, then the financial support contained in the aforementioned diploma will no longer be granted.

From reading your question, I confess that I was unable to understand the type of contract entered into, why it was suspended and whether Mr. Henzo was or was not included in a lay-off regime. I am also unaware of whether the Social Security allowance you mention is related to unemployment protection (if the contract has ceased) or if it relates to any other extraordinary support. To that extent, we suggest that you rephrase the question and make your questions concrete accordingly.

The trial period exists for the company and worker to evaluate each other, as well as the willingness of the employee to be able to perform the activity for which she was hired. In fact, the Law gives the employer a great deal of discretion as to the reasons that can support the decision (reasons that do not even have to be included in the communication to be sent to the worker). Based on this discretion, some authors argue that the need for reorganization can support the use of this type of termination of employment. However, in the case of a contract in which IEFP support was used, we recommend that the consequence of this termination be analyzed through the complaint during the trial period (namely with regard to the non-maintenance of employability levels), which may determine, among other things, a return of the support received.

Before opting for the simplified Lay-off, they will have to check if they fulfill any of the requirements therein (Decree-Law no. 10-G / 2020, of 26 March). In the event of such a scenario, the law provides for a real exemption from the payment of contributions by the company in relation to the workers involved (these employees are still subject to the payment of their contributions). This exemption is temporary and as long as the regime is in force (which can last up to one month, renewable up to 3 three).

It will always be the company that ensures the payment of the amount due, and meanwhile you will receive the 70% from Social Security.

Thanking you for your question, we will answer each one of them, according to the numbering given and on the assumption that the Lay-Off in question will be the Simplified Lay-Off, in the form of suspension of the employment contract, under the terms of Dec.- Law no. 10-G / 2020, of 26.03.2020, with the wording rectified by Statement Rectification no. 14/2020, of 28.03.2020.

The. The worker will receive € 635.00 as compensation. In effect, the worker during the period of reduction or suspension, is entitled to retributive compensation fixed under the terms of article 305/3 of the Labor Code, which determines the right of the worker to receive, during the Lay-Off period, the compensation to the extent necessary to, in conjunction with the remuneration for work performed in or outside the company (in cases of reduction), ensure the monthly amount equal to 2/3 of your normal gross remuneration or the value of the guaranteed minimum monthly remuneration (RMMG in 2020 it is € 635.00) corresponding to your normal working period, whichever is higher, up to three times the minimum guaranteed monthly salary (€ 1.

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Distance dating is an increasingly common and viable form of relationship. Thanks to the available communication technologies and also the evolution of social understandings about love, more people are allowed to live such an experience.

In this situation, some of the challenges present in any dating can be even more complex. It is necessary a constant exercise by both parties and also a greater maturity of those who choose this path. In fact, there are many challenges, which usually keep some people from experiencing this kind of union altogether.

Despite the difficulties inherent in the process, it is possible to live a distance dating in a healthy and profitable way for both. For that, I present this complete guide with fundamental tips for a lasting relationship.

Because it is a new experience for many, it is normal to feel confused or afraid to enter into such a relationship. But do not doubt the potential of love and the different ways of relating. Luck is out, but knowing a little more about the topic can help you a lot to avoid common problems in these cases.

Read the text carefully and I bet you will come out with new knowledge about love and personal evolution.

As we said, the challenges are numerous. First, it is worth considering them before making the choice. Despite all the technology available, distance itself remains an issue. It is uncomfortable not being able to meet the person with the desired regularity. The days of homesickness can be even more difficult

Depending on the locations and routines, access to your romantic partner can be much more difficult, proving to be a real ordeal on those days when we miss someone physically missing us. At the same time, it is an exercise in detachment and maturity. For it to work, it is necessary that both parties are aware of the implications and also willing to go over certain issues so that everything happens in the best possible way.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Without it, even boyfriends who live in the same city will not have a healthy love experience. A relationship that is based on demand and mistrust has everything to go wrong, as it often does.

If you are the type who dies of jealousy or does not accept a partner with a life independent of yours, it may be time to reconsider your own ability to maintain a long-distance relationship, or even any dating.

Saying that you trust the person next to you is quite different from actually trusting. Those who say this, but are always looking for ways to keep an eye on and limit the other, are, in fact, quite hypocritical, as they build a relationship based on curtailing the freedom of their partners and, sometimes, of themselves.

Avoid getting into a game so common in relationships that it is restricting your romantic partner and controlling them, circumscribing the other’s life only to what is convenient for you. Speaking like that, it seems that no one would live a relationship like that, the problem is that these behaviors often occur disguised as love, affection and care.

online dating rules: On-line Courting Ideas to Have great results inside the Relationship Globe | EliteSingles

.. I dated cats (only 1), dogs (3), and some frogs that never became princes …

I love him so much, I see his eyes … the color of the sea … he never smiles, an open laugh … I always beg, so that he smiles more …

No matter what he wants from me … love and sex … or just sex … one thing I’m sure, maybe he doesn’t love me …

But I will make you love me … what tools to use, and how to use them the walk will teach me … I accept your help Jessica!

Hello Jessica, you haven’t answered many of us that I have been following and I thought this blog was just for us girls. Now these fagots appear wanting to talk about sex. Save me, Jessica, and you answer? and we are distressed here wanting a consolation from those who conquered a Turk, and if you think this is right it is because you already conquered yours I am disappointed!

Anonymity, shut up, my daughter! Someone who is prejudiced like you is going to be stranded for the rest of your life!

How beautiful I am married to an Italian raised in Portugal, it is super romantic as well as torucos

Hello girls! I met a Turk on facebook in February, since then we are in love with each other.

He is very loving, and calls me to live in Turkey, but I am afraid to go like this without knowing anything and nobody. Another thing that makes me more afraid is his language, very difficult. I’m older than him by 6 years, I’m 30 and he’s 24, help me, I need more tips … my email is: (hidden)

I would like to meet a Turk but I don’t know any chat site or anything.

I met a Turkish man and I don’t know why I immediately fell in love with him, he talks about marriage and said he comes to Brazil as soon as defining his life in Turkey at the beginning was very good our relationship even though it was virtual, he says he loves me I believed his words, but I found out that he had another better woman, he was married and some girlfriends so I decided to end it all, but as love speaks louder I proposed only one friendship, he apologized to me several times and told me friends not I love you not only in sex and told me to wait for him, our head is very confused about his feelings towards me I don’t know if to move on or get it over with, but at the same time I think if I’m not being rigid with him not believing in a just the word, I loved what you wrote I help a lot about the Turks but as men are men no matter what country they are to me they are all the same until I prove otherwise, the only thing I know and I love him too much, I am not on top of him charging n ada and nor looking for I always hope he will be looking for me if I’m doing it right?

I met a Turkish man and I don’t know why I immediately fell in love with him, he talks about marriage and said he comes to Brazil as soon as defining his life in Turkey at the beginning was very good our relationship even though it was virtual, he says he loves me I believed his words, but I found out that he had another better woman, he was married and some girlfriends so I decided to end it all, but as love speaks louder I proposed only one friendship, he apologized to me several times and told me friends not I love you not only in sex and told me to wait for him, my head is very confused about his feelings for me I don’t know if to move on or get it over with, but at the same time I think if I’m not being rigid with him not believing in a just the word, I loved what you wrote I help a lot about the Turks but as men are men it doesn’t matter which country they are to me they are all the same until I prove otherwise, the only thing I know and I love him too much, I don’t stay on top of him charging n ada and nor looking for I always hope he will be looking for me if I’m doing it right?

I met a Turkish man and I don’t know why I immediately fell in love with him, he talks about marriage and said he comes to Brazil as soon as defining his life in Turkey at the beginning was very good our relationship even though it was virtual, he says he loves me I believed his words, but I found out that he had another better woman, he was married and some girlfriends so I decided to end it all, but as love speaks louder I proposed only one friendship, he apologized to me several times and told me friends not I love you not only in sex and told me to wait for him, our head is very confused about his feelings towards me I don’t know if to move on or get it over with, but at the same time I think if I’m not being rigid with him not believing in a just the word, I loved what you wrote I help a lot about the Turks but as men are men no matter what country they are to me they are all the same until I prove otherwise, the only thing I know and I love him too much, I am not on top of him charging n ada and not even looking for it always hope he will look for me if I am doing it right?

I loved it .